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Does these teeth look?

and no these are NOT my teeth!?!

Does these teeth look?
Strange picture- but they look ok.

There is a bit of recession on the gums, so they need a cleaning and I see some decalcification (maybe from braces) that may need a filling or veneers.

But overall- pretty good.
Reply:Not really.. Kinda gross
Reply:no they does not look.

speak english fool.
Reply:someone just pulled off their braces. The glue which is used to stick the brackets onto the teeth has stained the teeth
Reply:Looks like they've beens stained by minocycline or something similar?

Reply:Normally this happens when braces are removed and the hygiene is not at 100% best when the braces are on. someoen had braces on but was not doing there best to keep the teeth clean, so the teeth decalcified around the brace line. that is what it looks like at least.

you can get bondings or crowns to fix this.
Reply:a guy named


Does Invisalign cost the same whether you straighten top or bottom teeth or both?

I only need to straighten my bottom teeth, and my dentist recommended Invisalign. I was given a rough quote of $5000, but I don't think this was customized to my case. Does anyone know if Invisalign costs less if you only fix the top or bottom teeth, or is it $5000 always? Also, my insurance says it covers 50% of orthodontics but doesn't mention Invisalign. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks!

Does Invisalign cost the same whether you straighten top or bottom teeth or both?

I do lots of Invisalign in my practice.

Invisalign charges us the same whether just the top teeth are done, just the bottom teeth are done, or if both top and bottom are done.

So in 99% of the cases a dentist will charge you the same whether you do just one arch or 2.

Simply because our bill to Invisalign is the same. And whether or not you are wearing one tray or two does not change the number of visits or the amount of chairtime we schedule for you.



Is it possible to switch your braces provider?

I currently go to orthodontic partners in RI. I am looking into damon braces and i have found out that the place that i am going to does not use this kind. I have found another place, Tollgate Orthodontics, that do use damon braces.

Is it possible for me to switch braces providers? I have already had phase I done in the first place. Can i just bring my record over?


Is it possible to switch your braces provider?
Yeah. When I moved, we switched orthodontists when I already had braces. It shouldn't be a problem.

By the way, Damon works wonders. I had damon braces for a year and a half and my teeth are perfect. I was suppose to have them for four years. Way worth the switch!!!


I want to get Jaw corrective surgery?

Will Medicaid cover it? I am only 15 and I have a "weak" jaw (and chin) and it is unproportional to my face. I used to have a good jaw when I was little ( I saw pictures of myself). I currently have braces so I think that is affecting my jaw a little. I also saw before/after jaw corrective surgery and the person looked so much better.

So will Medicaid cover it? Do I get this type of surgery before or after the braces treatment. Also, Medicaid is covering my braces expenses as well ( I go to Montifiore Orthodontics in New York).

Thanks in advance!

I want to get Jaw corrective surgery?
Call Medicaid and ask them.
Reply:Somehow I think you asked this same question a day or two ago and the answer is still the same. What you describe at this point is a "cosmetic" issue and not a serious physiological issue, meaning that you haven't stated that the condition is harming your ability to eat or creating a health hazard. Because your a minor and for what ever reason you say you are subject to Medicaid insurance coverage, the fact that your a minor is in your favor. However, I'm in doubt that even Medicaid will pay for a procedure that is considered strictly cosmetic. If they do, your description of your jaw issue would lead me to believe that cosmetic jaw and or cheek implants would be the way to go.

Optometrist / Orthodontist?

For a future career, I'm strongly considering optometry or orthodontics.

What are the requirements for each? How much college time, what should you major in, and what kind of starting salary is there for each?

I'm currently a sophomore in high school, what should I do to prepare for this?

I originally really wanted to be a lawyer, but there's a surplus of them nowadays, and only the REALLY good ones get paid a lot, and I don't really think I'm suited to law.

I'll be happy for any advice anyone can give me.

Thanks in advance :)

Optometrist / Orthodontist?
Don't consider about salary or schooling. Most important thing, figure out if you love doing it. Go visit an optometrist, orthodontist, or one of the many different types of lawyers (criminal, corporate, real estate, etc). See what makes you passionate. Whatever your calling in life is, you'll make that job successful. If you go in just for the money or prestige, you'll just end up doing a mediocre job and no one wants to work with you or clients/patients don't want to go to you. And don't worry about surplus, there's a surplus of nearly every profession. There's certainly too many dentists and optometrists in my area. Then again, if you're passionate about what you do, you're good at it, and most importantly, treat people very nicely, people will come to you rather than the other doctor.

To answer your question real quick. Any 4 year major will do as long as you complete the pre-requisites. 1 yr of english, biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, calculus. Each school is a bit different, so you need to ask what other classes they may require. Some want pyschology, statistics, physiology, microbiology, or biochemistry in addition to the pre-requisites. In your junior year of college, you need to take the DAT for dentistry or OAT for optometry. Think of them like the SAT except more difficult.

Starting salary depends on where you live and whether you decide to work for someone or open your own practice. Usually around $50k as an associate doc working for someone for both. If you work hard and depending where, can be as high as 100-250k. Optometrists generally earn less in private practice than dentists.

TEETH GAP: Confused about options?


I am 27, Male. I have gap in my front teeth. I have consulted a orthodontics doctor. It was very basic examination. I was asked to get the X-rays and Models ( which cost around $400).

Secondly, my insurance doesn't have ortho coverage and they told me treatment would cost as high as $5000. I have tried to get ortho coverage added to my insurance; looks like it was not possible with my existing group insurance.

Now, I am wandering around with the following questions ?

1. Is it really possible to get gaps closed at 27 ?

2. Are there any suggestions about the type of the treatment (should be inexpensive, since I can't afford $5000 )?

3. Anyways, doctor said he would decide about treatment plan after the X-rays (spending like $400 on this).. Not sure what Doctor would say afterwards.

4. What would be the best possible solution to this problem with the given constraints.


TEETH GAP: Confused about options?
It would help if you had stated the width of the gap. Edit 2-3mm can be reduced in 5 mins. I had a 2mm gap, the dentist closed it by just adding some material to each side, then cured it using ultra violet light.Sorry can't remember what the material was,but you cant see it. I don't think he even charged me. Edit..Just use a ruler,or a caliper.

How much were your braces prior to jaw surgery?

Just curious. My treatment is just under 2 years total in orthodontics. It's costing me over $11,000 for braces alone(no insurance so I've been paying cash). Is this typical or am I being overcharged?

How much were your braces prior to jaw surgery?
I'm in San Antonio, TX and braces range anywhere from $2,500 to $8,000. The average price is probably $4,000. You also got to remember demographics. If you are on a rich side of town the Dentist will probably charge you an arm and a leg. If yoiur Dentist is on a poor side of town he will probably be cheaper.
Reply:Wow, braces and surgery costed me that much.
Reply:I guess it depends on how bad your teeth are and where you live. I live in Ca and mine were $6,200 5 years ago. My son just got his on and his will be around $4,000... Yes, $11,000 seems really high, but again, how bad are your teeth?

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