Friday, May 21, 2010

Is it possible to fix an open bite without surgery?

Is it possible to fix an open bite without surgery? I.e with orthodontics? My dentist told me that it's not possible without surgery, is that true?

I ask because I seem to remember something about correcting it.

Is it possible to fix an open bite without surgery?
Do you mean an over bite? It sure is possible with orthodontics to fix even the worst of overbites. I suggest you skip the dentist and make an appointment with a specialist instead for a consultation. In fact, get two or three opinions.

Surgery is really the very, very last possible way I'd go and believe me, that would take some major convincing too.

I had a dislocated jaw, when they relocated it, I had a major over bite. I got several opinions that ranged from surgery to $20,000 in caps to braces. I chose braces and I am as good as new. These jokers are looking to make a buck, the idea that anyone in the medical professions are looking after our well-being is a lie. It's the almighty dollar going into their pocket that they care about.
Reply:hi am sure you open bite could be made better with purely orthdantics and elastics but it withh not be perfect

i think surgery is the only way too correct your open bite

you could try purely orthadontics but you might no be satisfied with the out come

am not going to pretend i no alot on open bites as i don't as i suffered from a underbite

but many many people that do have open bites are pursuing treatment right now, am a memeber of this forum the people are really friendly and are more likely to find someone able to answer your questions =]
Reply:it depends. everyone is different.

go get a second opinion or third.

camouflaging is a term used for using ortho to cover up a surgical problem. it is a solution for the right circumstance.

keep smiling,

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